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We create platforms for corporate growth planning

Qvistorp aims at fundamentally changing how corporations assess new strategic business opportunities and evaluate growth strategies.

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  • Standardized Processes, Methodology and Assumptions

    Facilitate and standardized approach for investment planning and ensure that projects are comparable across the whole organization and portfolio. Facility day-to-day tasks and get management information in real-time.

  • Real-time stress testing and risk analysis

    Support complex what-if analyses for individual projects as well as large project portfolios.

  • KPI driven capital budgeting across investment portfolios

    Quickly identify the winners and losers out of tens or hundreds of projects and adjust the investment portfolios to match KPI targets.

An agile and powerful web-based decision support system, driving the key areas of strategic management.

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Dynamic, managerial-level dashboard and business intelligence reporting platform.

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Platform for growth planning that impacts on taking successful RD investment decisions. Project financed by the European Development Fund. Read more

Platforma do planowania wzrostu i podejmowania skutecznych decyzji inwestycyjnych dotyczących projektów badawczo-rozwojowych. Projekt dofinansowany z Europejskiego Funduszu Rozwoju Regionalnego.Więcej

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